GAIA early availability take 4

Today I received an E-Mail with the download links for the GAIA early availability packages.

It took Check Point over two weeks to check my “application” for the EA program.

I wonder how the select the ones who will get access to this program.

Still pissed that I had to wait until this day to get hands on GAIA.

Tobias Lachmann

PS.: my friend Valeri Loukine has a review on the GAIA EA in his blog

One thought on “GAIA early availability take 4

  1. Hi,

    We are using the 61000 chassis based firewalls at my company now. I am not able to play with them abviously, but I would love a copy og Gaia EA if you have one or a link to a download. I would like to load it in VMware to find out where the limitations are. If you have one jsut let me know? I really appreciate it. The 61000’s are great firewalls but they are still in their early beginnings with respect to bugs and other issues.

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