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Support for MacOS X 10.7 is coming!

Dear Folks,

I’m really glad to inform you that we can expect Check Point to support the upcoming release MacOS X 10.7 with both SNX and SecureClient right along with the release of this new MacOS version.

This is great news, as we waited for 10.6 support quite a long time after the release of this version.

Now Check Point listened to our requests, which is really great!

Thank you guys!

Tobias Lachmann

Check Point and support for Apple products

Some of you may have already discovered it by themselfs, other may have read it in Valeri Loukine’s latest blog entry:

Check Point has a VPN solution for iPhone and IPad and now there’s also a public demo available.

To be precise, Check Point had support for iPhone from the beginning, the client is not new.

But what bothers me is the fact that the Check Point solution is not recognized in the market and by the customers. See the latest Gartner Maquic Quadrant for SSL VPN to have it black on white.

Why’s that? Well I think in the first place there’s an iPhone VPN client because Gil Shwed has gotten himself an iPhone and wanted to connect to his company. This may be the reason we have this solution. But besides from that, I can’t see no real platform strategie for VPN clients. Check Point has Windows clients which are really way ahead. But when it comes to Mac OSX and Linux, nothing really comparable to Cisco or Juniper.

I have stressed it before, customers want support for all their operation systems when they make a decision for a new VPN solution. And it is not uncommon that a Check Point gateway is securing the perimeter and has the site-2-site VPN connections, but a gateway from another vendor is doing the remote access.

Would be really interesting to discuss this issue with some guys from Check Point directly. But I’m not working for a platinum Check Point partner or have massive sales volume with this kind of products…. so I don’t think I will get the chance to talk to someone on CPX.

If any of you has some information or rumours, please let me know ;-)

Tobias Lachmann

Snow Leopard support with SNX available

It’s a shame that Check Point doesn’t see the potential in the Mac OSX operating system at the moment. I know that by numbers the Windows operating system family is much more attractive when it comes to developing clients version.

But today most companies are facing heterogeneous environments with a mixture of clients, windows clients as well as Mac OS and even Linux. And when it comes to choosing a new VPN solution, a key factor is the ability to support all operating systems existing in the company.

Luckily for us Check Point now has support for Mac OSX 10.6 aka Snow Leopard. See sk32162 for details.

Now that we have support for the current versions of Windows and Mac OSX, I hope this situation will last.
At the moment Apple is announcing Mac OX 10.7 aka Lion for summer 2011 and I don’t think that we will have a current VPN solution for it ready at the release date of closely afterwards. If so, it would be a big step forwards towards customer acceptance.

Tobias Lachmann